Gray Line – Big Pink Sightseeing Announces TROLLEY TRACKER, a Real Time Trolley Location and Predictive Arrival Information System

For the 2015 season Gray Line – Big Pink Sightseeing announces the availability of a real time arrival information for each of its trolley stops under the name Trolley Tracker.  Using GPS technology and on-board tracking systems and software developed by Saucon Technologies, any guest with a smart phone can find the nearest trolley stop to their location, see the current location of the trolleys and have access to the predicted arrival time of the trolley at that stop.  The Gray Line – Big Pink Sightseeing Trolleys run on a schedule but occasionally in the late afternoon, as traffic volumes build, the trolleys can drop behind schedule.  The new system will allow the guests to maximize their sightseeing time in Portland by minimizing any wait time at the trolley stops.  Each guest will be provided with a website address to access a map with location and arrival time information.  The website will also be accessible via a scanable QR code that will be identified on each of the A frame signs which mark many of the Gray Line – Big Pink Sightseeing stops.    This guest-focused technology enhancement should enable Gray Line – Big Pink Sightseeing to improve on its already favorable guest satisfaction level.

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