FAQ’s for Falls, Garden & Wine Tour

For answers to questions about the Pink Trolley Sightseeing Tour and the Gray Line Multnomah Falls and Columbia River Gorge Tour see the respective FAQ sections for those tours on this website.  The questions covered in this FAQ section deal with the questions relating to the Falls, Gardens & Vines Tour.

1. What Falls, Garden & Wine tours are available?

Answer: There is one Falls, Gardens & Vines tour available – It is available from Portland and Salem.  There is one coach on the tour, it begins in Portland and stops in Salem to pickup Salem originating guests.  At the end of the tour it drops guests in Salem and then proceeds back to Portland.  The tour is narrated to and from Portland.  Salem guests will get the same tour narration except for that portion from Portland to Salem and return.

2. What days of the week do you run?

Answer: Only on Saturdays from June 17 to October 7.

4. Where do I buy my tickets and get on the tour?

Answer: The tickets for the Falls, Gardens & Vines tours maybe purchased from the pink Gray Line/Big Pink Sightseeing ticket booth located at the Pioneer Courthouse Square at SW Broadway and SW Yamhill Street (approximate street address being 780 SW Broadway, Portland, OR 97205) or online here.   In Salem they may be purchased from Travel Salem at 181 High Street NE, Salem, Oregon 97301

5. Are reservations required on the Falls, Garden & Wine Tour?

Answer: Reservations are required on the Falls, Gardens & Vines Tour.   If you cannot buy a ticket online call us at 503-241-7373 for reservations.

6. Are these narrated tours?

Answer: Yes, each portion of the combination tours is narrated in English.  On the Falls, Gardens & Vines Tour the narration may be done by a driver guide or an on-board narration system.  Regardless, the narration will point out the sights, highlights and history of the areas you travel through.

7. I am staying near the Convention Center, and I want to start the Falls, Garden & Wine Tour from Pioneer Courthouse Square. How do I get to and from there?

Answer: The MAX Light Rail Line provides transportation ($2.50 per person) from four Eastside Stations to Pioneer Courthouse Square. Three different lines serve the stations to Pioneer Courthouse Square so board any of the west bound trains headed to Downtown Portland. The Blue and Red Lines will bring you right to the Square where as the Green Line will result in a 1 block walk to the Square.

The trains run approximately every 10 to 15 minutes on weekdays and every15 to 20 minutes on weekends and holidays, but because you can use any one of the three lines servicing the Convention Center Station, the wait is rarely longer than 5 minutes.

The stations starting from the furthest East, their addresses, the transit times and number of stops to Pioneer Courthouse Square are as follows:

Lloyd Center/NE11th Ave – NE Holladay & NE 11th – 16 minutes – 8 stops on Blue and Red lines, 6 stops on Green line.

NE 7th Ave – NE Holladay & NE 7th – 14 minutes – 7 stops on Blue and Red lines, 5 stops on Green line.

Convention Center Station – NE Holladay and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd – 13 minutes – 6 stops on Blue and Red lines, 5 stops on Green line.

Rose Quarter Transit Center Station – 47 NW Holladay – 11 minutes – 5 stops on Blue and Red lines, 4 stops on Green line.

8. I am driving to Portland, how do I get to where I can buy tickets?

Answer: If you are driving to Portland and want to come to our ticket booth at Pioneer Courthouse Square, MapQuest or Google Map the address of 780 SW Broadway, Portland, Oregon 97205 and follow the directions. The trolley and coach loading area is on SW Broadway just north of SW Yamhill Street in front of Nordstrom’s. Below are also directions:

From the North:

Take I-5 South to I-405 via Exit 302B toward US-30W/Beaverton/St. Helens.

Take Exit 2A, Couch Street, toward Burnside Street.

Stay straight to go onto NW15th Ave.

Take 2nd Left on to SW Alder Street.

Turn right onto SW Broadway.

Trolley Loading Location is just before you get to SW Yamhill Street.

Parking is available downtown, see below.

From the South

Take I-5 North to I-405 via Exit 299B, on the left toward US-26/City Center/Beaverton.

Take Exit 1A on the left toward Naito Parkway.

Stay straight to go onto SW Harbor Drive.

Turn right onto Naito Parkway.

Turn left onto SW Morrison Street.

Turn left onto SW Broadway.

Trolley Loading Location is just before you get to SW Yamhill Street.

Parking is available downtown, see below.

From the West

Take US-26 East.

Once you near downtown Portland take the exit on the left marked Market Street/City Center.

Turn left on SW 10th Avenue.

Turn right on SW Yamhill.

Trolley Loading Location is on Broadway which you will cross.

Parking is available downtown, see below.

From the East:

Take I-84 West to I-5.

Take the I5 Exit on the left toward Beaverton/Salem/City Center.

Take the exit toward City Center.

Take the ramp toward Morrison Street/City Center.

Turn slightly right on to the Morrison Bridge.

Take the ramp toward SW Naito Parkway Northbound.

Turn slightly left on to SW Washington Street.

Turn left onto SW Broadway.

Trolley Loading Location is just before you get to SW Yamhill Street.

Parking is available downtown, see below.

9. Where do I park in downtown Portland?

Answer: We recommend Smart Park lots operated by the City of Portland. There are three lots convenient to Pioneer Courthouse Square. The closest is at SW10th and SW Yamhill (780 SW 10th). Other lots are at SW 4th and SW Yamhill (850 SW 4th) and SW 3rd and SW Alder (650 SW 4th). Rates are a $1.60 per hour for the first 2 hours, $5.00 for 3 hours, $7.00 for 4 hours.  On weekdays the over 4 hour rate goes to an all day rate that varies by garage location but is between $12 and $15.  On weekends the over 3 hour rate goes to an all day rate of $5.00 per day for the period from 5am to 6pm.  After 6pm, the rate for the period from 6pm to 5am varies from $3.00 to $6.00 depending on garage location.